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Our finished product

The Sirpur Paper Mills Ltd. provides one of the widest product ranges among paper manufacturers within India. It is reputed for the production of niche varieties of paper and board.

The vast product portfolio of The Sirpur Paper Mills Ltd. includes writing, printing, typewriting, duplicating, cream wove, maplitho, ledger, bank account book paper, bond, parchment, fancy wrapping, pastel paper, industrial kraft, base paper for coated paper, duplex board and triplex board. It also manufactures papers from rags.

Different machines are dedicated for the manufacture of various grades of paper and board. This enables manufacture of a range of writing, printing board and industrial paper (from 30 GSM to 700 GSM) as well as making it possible to incorporate special requirements of customers.



GSM range

Colour available


Writing and printing Bank paper 48-56 Yellow bank paper CR For bill receipt
Pink bank paper CR
Blue bank paper CR
Green bank paper CR
Bible printing 35-50 Bible printing For bible printing
Airmail 29-40 Yellow airmail paper CR For typing,bill receipt
Pink airmail paper CR
White airmail paper CR
Blue airmail paper CR
Green airmail paper CR
Account book paper 70-95 Account book paper yellow For account book
    Account book paper white For register and cash register
Azurelaid CR 60-110 Azurelaid CR For documentary paper, strength packets envelops
Parchment 70-120 Buff parchment For letter pads, stationary and certificate
Blue parchment
White parchment
Pink parchment
White Appollo bond CR TDL 58 White Appollo bond CR TDL For stationary and letter pads
Maplitho 58-130 Yellow maplitho SS For color xerox, poster, leaflets, labels and text books
Pink maplitho SS
Green maplitho SS
Blue maplitho paper SS
Deep parrot green maplitho SS
Dlx orange maplitho Paper SS
Azurelaid 60-105 Azurelaid For register and cash register
Ledger Laid 60-105 Ledger laid For register and cash register
SS Superior Printing 58-80 SS superior Printing For book printing,note books and xerox
SS superior map printing
Printing Paper 47-60 Yellow printing paper For receipt,bills and poster.
Pink printing paper
Green printing paper
Blue printing paper
Cream Wove 47-60 Cream wove For note books
Delux Maplitho 56-100 Delux maplitho RF For xerox printing
Delux maplitho NS For book printing and diary
Cover 65-130 Yellow cover For cover,display cards, flaps etc.
Green cover
Blue cover
Pink cover
Greeting Paper 70-140 Lofty greeting paper For wedding card and greeting cards/cover
150-300 Lofty greeting card
Pulp Board 140-300 White pulp board For cover,display cards, flaps etc.
Yellow pulp board
Pink pulp board
Blue pulp board
Prime Maplitho 56-130 Prime maplitho SS/RF For note books and computer stationary
Prime maplitho SS NS For book printing and diary
Prime maplitho SS (Base) For coating purpose by coaters
Pastel 65-215 Orange pastel For decorative packing, gift articles and cracker.
Red pastel
Golden yellow pastel
Ultra marine blue pastel
Steel grey pastel
Coffee pastel
Green pastel
Packing and wraping Kraft 70-150 UnBld absorbent kraft For laminating company uses for decolum & electrical insulated sheet
Padding paper
Board White Duplex Board 250-600 White Duplex Board For match box, carton boxes, battery washer and garment sector
Delux Bleached Colour Triplex Board 270-594 Dlx Bld yellow Tpx Bd Super quality of file board
Dlx Bld pink Tpx Bd
Dlx Bld yellow Tpx Bd
Dlx Bld pink Tpx Bd
Dlx Bld green Tpx Bd
Dlx Bld blue Tpx Bd
Unbleached Colour Triplex Board 250-550 Mf Unbld yellow Tpx Bd For boxes,medicine boxes, garment sector, for flaps, information card and cracker boxes.
Mf Unbld orange Tpx Bd
Mf UnBld pink Tpx Bd
Mf Unbld blue Tpx Bd
Mf Unbld green Tpx Bd
Mf Unbld coffee Tpx Bd
Mf Unbld steel grey Txp Bd
Mf Unbld Tpx Board


The Company has six depots at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Jaipur in India.Products are sold through the company's over 50 authorised wholesalers in all states and also through their sub-dealers across India. This has facilitated a wide availability in all major cities, with sub-dealers to address the demand coming out of small towns.The Company's products are also exported to Nepal and through merchant exports to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines etc.